Swinglift In OperationContainer Swinglift were one of the first transport companies in Brisbane to utilize the port 24 hours a day. They have invested in a full overnight shift of dispatchers and drivers, avoiding peak times and therefore minimizing potential delays associated with picking up customers' containers.

Not only do they service the wharf in the twilight hours, Container Swinglift also help customers improve efficiencies with their out of hours services. After an area survey by the operations manager, some customers manage to never even see the delivery vehicles, ensuring no congestion is ever created at delivery point.

After Hours Access - Benefits to you:

  • Containers dropped in over night and ready for you first thing
  • No down time waiting for your containers to arrive
  • Reduces congestion and bottlenecks during the day (no big container trucks to contend with during the day)
  • Receive your containers sooner
  • Reduce your exposure to detention due to late dehire of containers (access to MT containers after hours helps improve dehire performance), especially over busy times like holidays. 

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